KungPao Chicken


What is it?

is a spicy stir-fry dish made with chickenpeanutsvegetables, and chili peppers. Most of the kungpao chicken here are westernized. Some even replace chicken with pork, beef and seafood such as shrimps. Are you kidding me? I mean how can kungpao chicken be kungpao chicken without chicken.

Anyways, compare kungpao here and back in China, it’s generally sweeter and thicker, use more garlic but less chillie, also other local spices such as  facing heaven pepper

Authentic Szechuan Restaurant?

Legend Bar and Restaurant is second running up on my list. The dinning environment is little bit better than hot kitchen  (2 floors, well decorated, mini bar in front)



2 thoughts on “KungPao Chicken

  1. I just ordered food from there today LOL. They have a good Sichuan food, I always order sliced pork with garlic stem …yumyum ^_^

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