Chicken Feet

chicken feet

What is it?

I know I know some of you may found disgusting and uncomfortable to eat chicken feet, but as a big part of dim sum, it can’t be missed out. And it is one of the top favorite snacks for most Chinese people ( Including me…)

It is also called Phoenix Feet in some places (sounds a little bit better?). The main part eating chicken feet would be the skin and tendon. Since it has no mussel, the texture could be very different.

There are two different Kinds, Steamed chicken feet as shown in the picture above, and pickled chicken feet (my favorite) as shown at the end of this article

Who else eat Chicken Feet?

Chinese is not the only one who eat chicken feet. It can also be found in Korean, Trinidadian, Jamaican, South African, Malaysian, Peruvian, Dominican, Mexican, Filipino, Middle Eastern and Vietnamese cuisines

What if I do want to give it a try?

I don’t usually eat chicken feet outside, since I want to make sure everything is clean enough, I mostly saturate and cook myself. Back in China we can find pickled chicken feet in supermarkets easily, and below is the only brand I would trust if you would ever want to give it a try. But it can’t be bought here, since customs who don’t understand diverse culture blah blah would confiscate them all.


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