How to pick the right Chinese Restaurant

How to pick the right chinese restaurant for you?

I’m not saying restaurant A is better than restaurant B here. Everyone has different preference towards taste and texture. But I am going to share what kind of restaurant has what kind of food, so that you can pick your own favorite.

Just like New York Strip is totally different from Fajita in Texas, China is a huge land and the food is very diverse. But it could be divided generally as the picture shown below

china-regional-cuisines-mapHunan Food:hunan

The most spicy. I have a college mate carries a bottle of chilli with her all day long as snacks. They also use a lot of smoking.


Chilli Steamed Fish Head



sichuanSzechuan Food:

My favorite. Spicy but spicy in a very different way, more like pungent.  Hotpot is also very popular in this area.


Mapo Tofu



yunnnaSouthern / Minority Food

This is the part that all kinds of weird ingredients and cooking materials come into menu. Especially Insects and mushrooms.


Fried Silk Worm



dim sumCantonese Food

Most common here in the states since Cantonese people are the first Chinese on this land. Dim sum is from this place. The flavor is usually more flat and a little bit sweet.  Cantonese restaurants also usually have really tasty soup and seafood.




fujianFujian Food

Since a lot of taiwan residence right now are from fujian, it tastes very similarly to taiwan food. They have bubble tea and all kinds of desserts.





zongziSoutheast Food (ZheJiang, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu) Food

By the eastern cost so generally eat a lot of seafood and river fish. Zhejiang is Known for smoked ham  (taste like bacon) and Zongzi ( rice dumplins) Anhui has all kinds of local herbs.  Jiangsu Food is the sweetest food in China, put sugar in almost every dish. Shandong is the homeland for Confucius so old palace food


Rice dumplings


beijing duckNorthern Food

Beijing is included in this area. The plates are bigger and food volume is always larger ( 2-3 times than shanghai food).  A lot of stews.


Peking Duck




大盘鸡Muslin Food

Lamb is more frequently used than any other meat. Also like all the other muslin countries, they do not have pork or anything with bloody meat. Cumin is very widely used and recognizable in muslin food.


Saute Spicy Chicken



Tibetan Food

Yes Tibetan is part of china, but the food is a whole new different system. Yak meat and high land barley are very unique in this area. Like other Himalayan areas(Nepal and Northern Indian), people usually eat with hands.


Highland Barley



Now Pick your flavor!

I’ll start introducing the detail information regarding each flavor in the following blogs. Tomorrow would be dim sum! Stay in touch!

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