Do I eat dog?

Why staring this blog?

So as Chinese in America, one of questions that I was most frequently asked is: do you eat dog? Do you really eat dog? What kinds of dog are you eating? How come you can eat dog? Do you have pet? (Yes I do) How come you can eat dog when you raise one? Have your dog seen you eating a dog? How can you eat a dog in front of your dog?…

The others are: do you eat scorpion / frog / turtle / whale / swan… Then I feel like, there’s really a necessary in opening an ASIAN food 101 blog to clarify all those misunderstandings and prove Asians are not really EAT-ALL monsters.

This blog will cover Chinese / Korean(I’ve been living in Seoul, the capital for one year) / Japanese(One of my friend is a master chef of sushi) and Thai (My favorite).  Follow me with the journey and let’s figure out what Asians are enjoying eating!

So back to our topic, do I really eat dog meat?

Yes I did, but not anymore. Less and less people are eating dog meat nowadays in most Asian countries as puppies are getting popular. We also distinguish dog for meat and dog for pets. People can eat pork and raise cavia cobaya at the same time so why can’t we think in the same way on the stage of dogs?

When do we eat dogs?

Usually older generations eat dogs during winter with Chinese local alcohol to get rid of coldness and weakness.

How do we eat dogs?

As all the other meat, steam, sir fry, soup… use your creativity. They taste really good without even without any spice and just go with salt.

dog meat

Who are eating dogs?

Dog meat is available in most Asian markets such as Korea, Vitnam, Thai, Indonesia. But it also vary region to region. In China, eating dog meats is more popular in the north part, guess coz it’s cooler. A city named Pei, is most famous for dog meat.

But we are not alone. Archaeologist found dog bones in Gaul, France. Some people from the north Paris are still eating them nowadays. Switzerland people slide them into pieces and make Hundeschinken into sandwiches and hotdogs. The husband of Queen of Denmark, Prince Henrik, also a big fan of dogs meat.

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